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All of our bobby pins are color matched to hair levels and tones to make it easier to find your exact match.

Bobi Smoke White Bobby Pins

Smoke S1 - white bobby pins

Bobi Sugar Platinum Blonde Bobby Pins

Sugar 60 - platinum blonde bobby pins


Bubbly 613 - light blonde bobby pins


Cali 22 - golden blonde bobby pins

Bobi Honey Light Golden Brown Bobby Pins

Honey 12 - light golden brown bobby pins

Bobi Caramel Light Brown Bobby Pins

Caramel 9 - light brown bobby pins

Bobi Acorn Warm Brown Bobby Pins

Acorn 6 - warm brown bobby pins

Bobi Cinnamon Auburn Red Bobby Pins

Cinnamon 33 - auburn red bobby pins

Bobi Storm Grey Bobby Pins

Storm S2 - grey bobby pins

Bobi Chocolate Rich Brown Bobby Pins

Chocolate 3 - rich brown bobby pins

Bobi Espresso Dark Brown Bobby Pins

Espresso 2 - dark brown bobby pins


Magic 1B - black bobby pins


still not sure which shade to choose?

We've got you covered with our Virtual Shade Selector and a great in-depth guide on Hair Color Levels.

Virtual Shade Selector

Try them on virtually using AR (augmented reality) technology. Scroll between the shades to see how they look against your actual hair color to find your exact match.

guide to to hair color levels

Beginners guide to hair color levels: How to find yours

Everything you need to know about hair levels and tones so you can find yours. Once you've narrowed it down you can easily select the shade of bobby pins that's best for you.