About Us

Bobi™ is an everyday hair essentials brand with a hyper-focus on color matching bobby pins to all hair colors. Right at the start we noticed a huge disconnect… if there are infinite shades of hair dyes, paints, Pantones and makeup foundations why is that bobby pins only come in one shade of black, two shades of brown and a strange coppery gold? From that ah-ha moment our mission was clear. Bobi was founded in 2020 when we introduced our line of 12 bobby pin shades. Our color match technique uses the same hair color level system as salons allowing our customers to find their exact match bobby pin for all of their hair styling needs.

The Origin Story

It all started when our founder, Jennifer Kogon, was getting ready for a business trip and went to place her bobby pins (a must-have for everywhere she travels) in her toiletry bag and they went all over the place. As she tried to pick them all up off the bottom of the bag the only thing she could think of was to place them in a plastic baggie (so not cute). She knew there had to be a better way.  

Enter the “Aha” Moment

Like all good ideas, they come when we least expect it, in this case a moment of pure frustration then grew into something inspiring. That’s when the idea hit her, a tiny cute bag for bobby pins and other small hair accessories for when you’re on the go. She could become the savior of lost bobby pins!

Then at a routine hair appointment, Jennifer’s stylist made the simple statement, “You’re a 6, would you like to go lighter or darker?” That’s when it fully dawned on her. If there’s a universal color system for hair, why not create a complementary line of bobby pins to match that? Let’s make an inclusive product so everyone can feel celebrated with their unique shade of hair color!

The Process - Building a Better Bobby Pin

We became the unofficial official bobby pin testers as we sampled dozens of options to create the best of the best. All options were put through rigorous performance standards to ensure durability, quality and hold. Each bobby pin had to pass the color scratch test, open wide then bounce-back to original form test, open with one hand test, and the jump around to make sure it doesn’t slip test. We performed “real life testing” until we found the one that passed them all and what is now known as a Bobi bobby pin. 

Next, we brought in a color specialist to match the bobby pins to the top 12 most common hair levels. The colors had to be spot on and match to real hair colors which were not easy. Each shade took multiple rounds until they were all just right.

On a Mission

We want to be your new favorite bobby pins. We have 12 shades and will continue to introduce more to the lineup over time. Our goal is No Shade Left Behind. If there’s a hair color or hair dye for it, Bobi will have the perfect match to complement and stylish bag to carry them in. Let us know which bobby pin shade you'd like to see next. Follow along with us on social @thebobishop, we can't wait to see you strutting your new Bobi's. Tag us for a chance to be featured.

Shade Selector

Let's help you find your perfect match. We've paired every shade of bobby pin with real people to make it easier to choose your bobi.

bobby pins matched to hair color levels

The Beginner's Guide to Hair Color Levels - How to Find Yours

We color match all of our bobby pins to hair color levels to ensure we get the closest match to all shades of hair. We want everyone's experience selecting their exact match bobby pins to be seamless and that's why we've put together this ultimate beginners guide to shade matching.