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best hair color for your skin type and eye color

Determine the Hair Color Levels Best for Your Skin Tone and Eye Color

Determining which hair color level will look best on you based on your skin tone and eye color can be a tricky feat! Luckily, we've outlined this quick, four-step method to help you find your best match by identifying your undertones.   


In this article you'll find: 

4 Step Method to Finding Your Best Shade
Skin Tones and Their Hair Color Matches 
Eye Color Meets Hair Levels


4 Step Method to Finding Your Best Shade


  1. Look for specific colors
Look for specific colors in your skin: think pinks, blues, and yellows. Warmer skin tones will typically have yellow, golden undertones, while those with cooler skin tones may have blue or olive undertones.
  1. Find your celebrity match
Match yourself up with a celebrity you think looks most like you. Checking out what hair colors people with similar coloring to you choose can give you inspiration for deciding the tones and levels that will best suit you.
  1. Check the color hues in your wrist and eyes
If you look closely at your wrist, you can see a myriad of different colors from pinks, reds, blues, greens, and yellows. The thin skin of the wrist also enables you to see the colors of your veins—a fantastic indicator for determining whether you are warm or cool-toned. Those with blueish-purple veins are likely cool-toned, and those with greenish veins are warmer toned.
Your eyes can tell a thousand stories—including your undertones. If your eyes are speckled with a lot of blues or greens, then you are probably cool-toned. If you have golden flecks in your eyes, your undertones are likely warm.
  1. Pick a tone that's opposite from your skin's undertones
While this isn't a hard-and-fast rule for determining the hair levels that best suit you, it is a good rule of thumb to pick a tone that's opposite from your skin's undertones in order to contrast your hair from your skin and create an overall sense of harmony. Thus, those with cool undertones will likely want to choose a warmer hair color and vice versa.
Side-note: Those with neutral undertones in their skin can rock any hair color. Lucky!

Skin Tones and Their Hair Color Matches:

Your skin colorings can tell a lot about what hair shades best suit you. You can find a list of some tried and true matches down below.
Fair Skin:
Those with fair skin and warm undertones look stunning in platinum, silver, icy, sand, ashy, beige, or champagne-colored shades. These cool blonde hair shades balance redness in the skin.
Those with fair skin and cool undertones (especially those with olive skin) can opt for warm, golden, caramel, honey shades.
If you have fair skin with pinkish-red undertones, choosing a hair color that also has these tones (think red, auburn, or burgundy) can enhance your natural radiance and actually complement those rosy undertones.
Medium Skin:
For those with medium skin and warm undertones, brown hair color rarely ever looks less than perfection. But opting for a cooler brown can make the warmth of your skin tone pop even more.
Golden brown shades are an excellent option for those with medium skin and cool undertones wanting to have that perfect contrast.
Deep Skin:
Those with deep skin and warm undertones can accentuate their skin tone's natural depth with a warm brown or caramel shade.
Dark, black hair looks gorgeous on those with deep skin and cool undertones. If you want to warm up your hair and spark up that contrast, choose a brown-black shade and chocolatey tones.

Eye Color Meets Hair Levels:

Believe it or not, skin tone is not the only way to figure out which hair level is for you. One of the greatest determiners for finding what hair level best suits you is the tone of your eyes. Here's the basic rundown:

Black Eyes:


Dark, black eyes typically pair well with darker hair: shades such as chocolate, brown, and black. For those who have deep, dark brown eyes that look almost black, mahogany is a beautiful shade that brings out the depth of your eyes.


Brown Eyes:


Brown eyes and chestnut hair colors are usually a match made in heaven. For those with brown, honey-toned eyes, golden highlights on top of your brown base can make your eyes pop! In addition, those with brown eyes and lighter, paler skin tones can rock a copper blonde or ash-blonde shade.


Green Eyes:


Those with green eyes and pale skin fair well with an ashy-blonde or highlight blonde tint. Those with tan skin and green eyes will typically suit any brown, blonde, or copper blonde hair level.


Blue Eyes:


If you have fair skin and blue eyes, blonde hair will suit you beautifully. For those with tanned skin and blue eyes, golden hair tones and blonder-shades are an uber-flattering combination. Those with ashen skin and very light blue eyes don't have to stay blonde; they can take full advantage of dark brown hair levels and chocolate tones that contrast with the iris’s color and complexion.

In Conclusion

Finding your current hair level or even searching for your ideal shade based on your skin's undertones and the colors in your eyes is simple once you know what you're looking for. Once you see that hair levels and tones are terms that help specify hair color, finding your perfect match becomes that much easier.

Now you can get specific with your hairdressers, stylists and even pick out the bobby pins that will suit your current hair color level and whatever colors you want to try in the future.

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